All new product comes with a 60 day manufacturer warranty, unless otherwise stated no exceptions. all used or refurbished products has a 15 day warranty unless otherwise stated. additional warranties are available see below.

  • New Extended Warranty Information and pricing.
  • Purchase Price 1 Year Plan 2 year Plan spacer3 year Plan
  • $15.00-$99.99spacer$79.99spacer$99.99spacer$149.99
  • $100.00-199.99spacer$99.99spacer$149.99spacer$200.99
  • $200.00-$349.99spacer$129.99spacer$199.99spacer$259.99
  • $350.00-499.99spacer$149.99spacer$239.99spacer$300.99
  • $500.00-999.99spacer$169.99spacer$279.99spacer$349.99